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Pathways to Freedom

Zenith Community & Retreat Centre – August 16-18, 2019

The Event

Workshops, Talks, and Celebration of Freedom Culture.

Topics cultivated to broaden our perspectives and gain unique insights.

Come alive - Learn with and connect with others who are committed to the path of freedom in their lives.

This event might be for you if you are:


  • Sick of working to “make a living” rather than following your passions.

  • Wanting to make the world a better place and want to do that with your freedom.

  • Seeking to find a tribe of people passionate about living their most abundant, best versions of themselves.

  • In search of new, more natural ways of living.

  • Desiring to discover alternatives to having a job and chasing money.

  • Adventurous, and open minded to to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Think there is a better way than how society is currently living, and want to be part of creating something better.

  • Looking for allies in your quest to live a free life on your terms.

Workshops and Offerings

What you will experience:

  • Three days at Zenith Retreat Centre in mountain wilderness paradise

  • Access to all workshops, trainings, and offerings

  • Meet and make new connections with people in the freedom culture movement

  • Discover a progressive, intentional community committed to supporting people in living their passions

  • On-site, lakeside and orchard camping

  • Water sports, swimming, hiking, wilderness waterfalls

  • Daily wellness and physical training practices

  • Roundtrip transportation to our secret location to/from Whistler

  • Unexpected delights that you need to be here to find out :)

Apply to Attend

Get uncomfortable and experience new

approaches to life and freedom.