The Zenith Project

We are a developing tribe co-creating the abundant homeland our hearts dare to dream, while supporting each other in achieving our highest purposes.

What We Are Creating

Orchard View.jpg

Nourishment and wellness

Sourcing our own food and medicine from the land feeds our bodies and our souls in harmony. We use permaculture, food forests, and gardens; hunting and gathering wild foods; natural medicinals, tinctures and extracts. We gain abundance and fulfillment from our deepening relationship with the land we inhabit.

Naturally inspired ARCHITECTURE

Creating imaginative structures with a focus local and natural materials helps us integrate, rather than separate from nature. We use natural building methods and creativity to create everything from sleeping places, to love spaces, to root cellars. Construction is not a chore, it is an act of artistic creation.

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Co-Created Culture

Zenith is a safe space for unrestrained self expression and true freedom in the context of respect for others and the land. We enjoy experimenting with social norms and engaging in mutually empowering rituals. Life here is co-created based on relationship, not hierarchies and rules. A truly open mind is your best asset.

We are a Freedom Culture affiliated Community.

Watch the video below to help you determine - ARE YOU ONE OF US?